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    As the first state on East coast to legalize cannabis for adult use, Massachusetts is expected to be the 2nd to biggest market in the country besides California. Unfortunately, the roll out has been slow because of tight regulations, opposition from local municipalities and high barriers to entry. We help companies get through the process, get open and stay open. Whether you have successfully completed application process or are just beginning, CannAssist is ready to do everything needed to help you create a successful canna business in Massachusetts.

    Open a Marijuana Dispensary in Massachusetts. The Boston Gardener and Cannassist, LLC. consultants offer the whole package of services to prospective and existing medical cannabis enterprises:

    We do everything needed to ensure your success. No other company can offer this complete of a package or has our kind of experience. If you are interested in opening a dispensary or entering the adult use market in Massachusetts or anywhere on the East Coast please contact us

    • “As Director of Cultivation, Jon Napoli has helped design the vertical integration of the cannabis cultivation at In Good Health, Inc., Massachusetts’ second-to-open Medical Marijuana Dispensary. His role includes designing the layout of the cultivation and processing operations, the kitchen and lab, and the retail front of the dispensary. Napoli also participates in hiring and training, development of menu and available products at In Good Health, Inc., and provides ongoing compliance support. ”
      In Good Health

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